Among the top acknowledged array of jewellery by Exquisite of Solihull was the Souvenir Scottish Jewellery selection

Probably the most preferred piece of jewellery within this array had been the brooches that were created over an exceptionally very long time period.

The combination of fortunate white heather sprigs and/or purple flower thistles, all tied up along with the Beautiful trade mark ribbon or bow was made in many different models.

All things Scottish had grow to be very popular by Queen Victoria’s enthusiasm for her beloved estate Balmoral, which attractiveness continued to the twentieth century

Exquisite produced gilt jewellery from 1914,and before shifting to Solihull within the fifties was now creating souvenirs from their premises in Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter. A lot of of those souvenir brooches were being offered in Scotland and have been greatly readily available in lots of smaller souvenir outlets. In the range in Birmingham and other places – I feel they were being also available over the rest from the British isles.

So far I’ve counted not less than a dozen distinctive variations on the Scottish brooch. One particular resource confirms that a few brooches have been registered in 1962. These brooches will likely have “EXQUISITE” and “REG” with all the copy proper indication about the again. The look quantities have been 905225, 905226 and 905227.

On the other hand quite a few in the brooches have “EXQUISITE” signed to the back of your brooch only devoid of a duplicate right mark
Some have Beautiful in script with a flatter plaque with no duplicate ideal signal.
You are able to also uncover brooches which might be unsigned with a riveted pin fastening – denoting an a great deal previously date most likely pre fifties.

Early brooches may also be diverse in that the pin is within a gilt or gold metallic. In which as the later brooches, the pin could be the similar color given that the brooch (silver) Also variations while in the production processes is often found. Before brooches had been solid on a significantly flatter plate than later brooches, that have a far more rounder and sharper shape towards the again

More research continues to be required to confirm dating and reg numbers to designs.

The brooches had been all hand enamelled and so not only can a lot of unique styles be collected but every can have a slight difference in colour. A few of the brooches have amethyst purple coloured faceted glass stones. Yet again a few of these stones certainly are a extremely pale pink ranging to dim purple in colour

The brooches vary incidentally the ribbon is wrapped all around them and the number of sprigs of fortunate white heather. Brooches are also out there in a basket design and style, which might be a little bit rarer when compared to the floral bunches.

After i am discussing the Scottish brooch assortment I am only referring towards the ones which are enamelled and possess heather or thistles, with or without the need of purple glass stones in silver or gold tone metal.